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Shibari Instructor

"Ropework is meaningless unless the model looks more beautiful after you have finished."

~ Hajime Kinoko

This quote struck deep into TheRopeholic's heart and played a significant role in his approach to Shibari as both an art form and a practice. Mentored by Hajime Kinoko, Japan’s top professional rope artist, TheRopeholic considers Kinoko as his biggest influence and aspires to hone his skills to the same level of creativity and sophistry.

Mesmerised by Kinoko’s mastery and fueled by his own passion for Shibari, TheRopeholic travelled to Japan to study under Kinoko's guidance. Through rigorous training and dedication, he earned accreditation as a licensed instructor in Kinoko’s style of Shibari, solidifying his expertise in the craft.

Beyond tying and shibari photography, TheRopeholic also regularly conducts classes, workshops, and performances both locally and overseas.

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