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Shibari Instructor

"Ropework is meaningless unless the model looks more beautiful after you have finished."
- Hajime Kinoko

This quote strikes deep into his heart and is now one of his main guiding principles when he ties. He considers Hajime Kinoko as his biggest influence and inspiration. He studies his style closely and flew to Japan to learn from him.

Now running his own rope and photography studio, TheRopeHolic, like many people, started off from the bedroom. As he explored, he increasingly found himself attracted to traditional Japanese bondage or Kinbaku/Shibari for its erotic beauty and ability to allow both the rope top and bottom to connect at a very deep level.

​A type of human to human connection that people are slowly losing at the coming of the digital age. He not only considers Shibari to be erotic but also a form of art that can one day be accepted by mainstream society.

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